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On your own it would take at least three years and several thousand dollars to learn what’s contained in this tome. I hope you realize the impact this book can have on your future if you put what he says into practice.

Rob Walling, noted startup blogger and author of Start Small, Stay Small


Dave’s book goes through every last detail of finding, vetting and buying profitable websites on Flippa. It lays out red flags to look for, research tools to use, and includes case studies and checklists. From now on I will be referencing it every time I am considering a purchase. There is no other book out there like it.

Phil Derksen, owner, Pinterest Plugin


Excellent! This is a must read for any serious website buyer. It roars into action where Flippa’s website buyer guide leaves off. The advice on performing proper due diligence and avoiding scams will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. I was pleasantly surprised by all the nuggets of information contained in the book that are not only helpful in purchasing a website, but also serve to improve my current website. You will reference this book over and over again, even after you purchase your first website.

Zuly Gonzalez, owner of Lightpoint Security


Dave’s book is a dense serving of actionable material, in a space where actionable info is hard to come by.  By using the techniques in this book, I’ve been able to quickly find several sites worth buying *without* having to waste months looking at bad deals and not knowing any better.  If you want to start or expand your business by purchasing a website, Dave’s book is like a light in the darkness, leading you to a better, proven way to do so.

-Christopher Hawkins


Don’t even think about purchasing a website until you’ve read this book.  Dave’s book shows you exactly how to evaluate websites based on hard data and what pitfalls to avoid.  One bad deal can easily cost you many times the price of this book.  If you have any interest in purchasing websites, do yourself a favor and buy this book!



Don’t consider buying a website without this book. Flippa is filled with tons of crappy website and Dave provides the dos and don’ts of the buying process : what to look for, what to avoid, what questions you should ask, what tools to use. Plenty of actionable steps that will save me thousands of $.

Arthur Pham


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