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I created the eBook The Insider Guide to Buying Profitable Websites on Flippa that goes into amazing detail about:

  • Where to Buy Websites (hint:  there’s one major place with all of the activity, but you have to learn how to sort the good from the bad!)
  • Nine Tips of Auctions to Avoid
  • Seven Indicators of Good Auctions
  • Three Quick Ways to Evaluate Auctions (and how to find the REAL undervalued websites where you can add immediate value AFTER the auction)

I also outline a step-by-step, detailed way to evaluate an auction, including:

  • Determining an auction’s TRUE value (5 methods!)
  • Ten Questions you MUST ask the seller
  • A 13-step Bid-or-Walk-Away Auction Evaluation Checklist
  • The Seven Red Flags of a Bad Auction

In addition, I talk about:

  • The Eight steps to successfully negotiating a smooth site transaction AFTER the sale,
  • A list of ten things you can do to rehabilitate a site after purchase, immediately increasing your value on Day 1!

There are valuable bonuses in this eBook, too:

  • BONUS #1:  I also include three detailed case studies from actual purchases made, the mistakes, the successes and lessons learned.
  • BONUS #2:  I also include  3 complete Checklists you can print and use for each auction you evaluate, summarizing all the key information from the eBook so you don’t have to.
  • BONUS #3:  A sample contract that I use for my own sales, that includes special appendices for handling common situations that the template Flippa contract doesn’t handle.

The eBook comes in 3 formats, all included in the price (PDF + ePub + MOBI)

  • Easy-to-read from a browser: PDF
  • Portable to any e-reader:  ePub.
  • Kindle-friendly: MOBI

This guide will save you countless hours of hunting down tools.  It will save you thousands of dollars of mistakes from purchasing poor-performing, scammy, or junk sites.  This guide represents YEARS of experience and can be yours in seconds, right at your fingertips to start you off at a Professional Level!

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The Insider Guide to Buying Profitable Websites on Flippa

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