About the Book

This eBook is packed with step-by-step information on how to buy websites profitably and safely from Flippa–the #1 website auction marketplace in the world.  In this book, Dave covers how to perform deep due diligence, spot scams and fraudulent auctions, how to understand the key indicators to an auction’s value, and gives insider perspectives on buying sites.

“On your own it would take at least three years and several thousand dollars to learn what’s contained in this tome. I hope you realize the impact this book can have on your future if you put what he says into practice.”

-Rob Walling, author of Start Small, Stay Small, startup blogger at SoftwareByRob.com and co-founder of the Micropreneur Academy

About the Author

Dave Rodenbaugh is a software developer with a passion for starting and running businesses.  He is the owner of several sites that he acquired using the knowledge contained the book. In his own words:

I’ve been buying and selling websites on Flippa since 2009.  I’ve spent well into six figures purchasing websites built by others in that time.  I make a full time income from the websites I’ve purchased over the last few years.  I work as a software developer but wanted to develop an income stream outside of the “day job” that would allow me more freedom in my life.

Dave developed HowToBuyAWebsite.org in response to the lack of information most buyers and sellers face when they start out on Flippa.  There are so many mistakes that are avoidable now; after making a huge number of them himself, Dave wanted to share that information with folks who are getting started now.

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